Updated: 12/07/2008 18:03
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Hey guys, how is your weekend going I know it seems like a long time since I last sent an email Well maybe not for you but for me

Hey guys, how is your weekend going...I know it seems like a long time since I last sent an email...Well maybe not for you but for me it does...lol...I just wanted to let you all know that I have been adding some great offers over the past few days...The holidays are almost here can you believe that... This month instead of a contest I have decided to do something like the thanksgiving meal giveaway...

If you have children/grandchildren and you are not financially able to give them a gift this year we can help...We did this last year and I am doing it again... Please email me the age sex and any additional information of the child and and any other information you see necessary...I will be taking these request until Friday and gifts will start going out next week...I will try to get as many children as possible.

I will be adding more offers to the site in a few so look out for those.. I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend... Happy holidays and Happy completing

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