Updated: 12/08/2008 15:09
Hyip Monitor
Unfortunately this weekend after an account audit we have figured out 12DailyClub can not continue. We simply pay daily way more

Unfortunately this weekend after an account audit we've figured out 12DailyClub can not continue. We simply pay daily way more funds than people buy ad packs (upgrades) in the program, and this had happen for many days already. When the program started a lot of people upgrade their account to the max ($7,000) and after requested payments ($10,000) they never reupgraded or reupgraded with min amount in order to cash in affiliate commissions. Another negative aspect was that after fall of some similar programs users are afraid to upgrade again in this kind of programs or upgrade the min. Also the period of the year, December, when anyone withdraw the funds to buy presents and spend quality time with their families affected the membership growth.

Upgrades are now closed. We refunded most of the funds remained in accounts starting with the members that upgraded in the last days. We're sorry it didn't worked out we really had great plans for 12DailyClub, you can see this simply counting the amount of money, time and dedication we put in creating the program.

After refunding the last members and the members that really supported the program on forums and monitors we've decided to send part of the funds left to a charity organization that takes care about children in needs. I know that I did not have your approval but honestly this is the best way instead of refunding small part of members or small % of upgrades and start numerous disputes.

In closing I'd like to thank you all the members that supported the program and had the true believe it will last and can go on. Unfortunately it didn't...

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