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The Center for Strategic and International Studies Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency, a panel formed in August 2007 after the

The Center for Strategic and International Studies` Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency, a panel formed in August 2007 "after the United States suffered a wave of damaging attacks in cyberspace", released a report with the recommendations given to the President-elect Barack Obama, according to the CNN International. On Monday the report recommended the incoming president to create a new White House office and appoint a presidential assistant to oversee a "comprehensive national security strategy for cyberspace".

As noted by the CSIS cybersecurity today is the most urgent national security issues challenging the US and thus "only a comprehensive national security strategy that embraces both the domestic and international aspects of cybersecurity will improve the situation." The government is called upon to coordinate "all the tools of U.S. power" - diplomatic, intelligence, military and economic - to deal with cybersecurity and create a new presidential office - the National Office for Cyberspace.

In addition the CSIS report recommends setting "minimum standards for securing cyberspace, to ensure that the delivery of critical services in cyberspace continues when we are attacked." "Requiring better authentication" of digital identities was mentioned by the CSIS as the tool that will substantially enhance defensive capabilities. The report also notes that old cyberspace laws need to be updated.

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