Updated: 12/14/2008 13:30
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Due to current trends in the Surf Market, Here At We have Decided. To cease taking the following processors. LibertyReserve/Solid Trust...

Due to current trends in the Surf Market, Here At

We have Decided.

To cease taking the following processors.

LibertyReserve/Solid Trust Pay

Effective immediately going forward members may use the following.

AlertPay / StrictPay

Some questions that you will ask.

1) Why is this change being made?
A) These two processors that are being eliminated are used very little, Due to cost of exchanging funds to them, there becomes no cost effective way To continue. Due to this fact we have decided to cease using them effective Immediately

2) What about our current upgrades with these processors?
A) Everyone who used LR or STP to upgrade will be paid out to Alertpay Or Strictpay Remember this is being done for the longevity and the stability of the Program and for the benefit of all members. All members who have current upgrades with either LR or STP please submit a Support with your new processor information

Support tickets should include the following
1) Member id#
2) Alertpay E-mail address
3) Strictpay account #

All running upgrades for LR or STP will be paid in the order of expiry from Earliest to latest. Please allow some time for us to do this as we will have to make some. Exchanges on our end to fulfill this

3) If I used STP or LR can I continue to use AP or StrictPay?
A ) of course you can, Just remember that old upgrades with LR or STP Will be paid as stated above in #2

4) what if I want to upgrade NEW with LR or STP and agree to be paid to AP Or StrictPay.
A) This will not be possible. You wil need to make sure that you have upgraded with one of the 2 Current ones to avoid any issues or doubt that your in fact a client of ours

5) Why did you choose to take StrictPay over STP?
A) StrictPay offers funding by STP as well as LR and also allows
Withdrawal to stp. This proved to be the best option that would accommodate The most people

6) At a later time will you be adding STP and LR back again?
A) maybe in the future but with the ability to fund StrictPay via LR and STP As well as CC and ACH for AP deposits we feel we have covered all angles.

I know that this will not affect everyone but only a small portion of our. Members that use these processors.
We are here to stay and we will continue to prove to you that success is in Team work.....
After all we are your pal

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