Updated: 12/15/2008 15:48
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We have changed our Servers, we are now migrating to BlackLotus System protection. Once we have completed the total transfers website will be running again without any problem. As you may notice we have made several changes on our website.

First of all our SSL certificate has been validated and you can verify it by typing https in your browser address field.
This measure is for increasing security and also credibility. Last week we receive a DDOS attack, and also a hacker team tries to break our system by making several attempts to access our system. We receive blackmails about this situation and we decide to restore system and stop payment processing for security issues.

Also we have renewed our platform, for that reason we have canceled all pending withdrawals. And funds returned to your Commoditex Account Balance, from where you can place a withdrawal request. The daily payments plans are intended for trading purposes, and not necessary for payments, also we have been processing all payments on time before we have these unfortunately problems. Withdrawals for the next days will be processed in order and we kindly ask for your patience to receive your payment, for that reasons some withdrawals will have a delay for verification process. If you have a Withdrawal request not processed yet, we apologize for the payment delay, we will process all pending payments.

These days have been very hard for us, all our teams have been working almost 20 hours a day to solve this situation. We are glad to announce that Commoditex Inc is more solid, and our growing lines are better than ever. Also We announce the StrictPay and SolidTrustPay payment processors will be added in the next 12-24 hours. I’m proud to announce that we have a new and better Commoditex system to offer you, as always, the better online financial service.

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