Updated: 12/15/2008 10:00
Hyip Monitor

Warm welcome to all new program users, who joined us during the last week!!! We are truly happy you added our program to your alternative investments portfolio and we will do everything in our power to meet your financial goals for a long time to come.

As URInvest comes closer to its full establishment on the market, we wanted to thank all our users for their attention to our (currently) weekly updates, which mostly relate to the technical side of program features, specifically the process of implementation of various operational features on our program supporting website URInvest. We will most likely continue sending out updates weekly, up to some time in early 2009, when we are planning to switch to monthly routine newsletters.

Everyone is welcome to use newly installed on the website Live Support for their general inquiries and feedback. We do need to point out, that not all of our “chat” operators may have access to user’s account data, therefore some account specific requests, may still have to be submitted in writing, via support form.

As mentioned in our previous update, the technical side of StrictPay integration has been completed and upon testing, the automation of StrictPay deposits and payouts should be enabled during this week. We are also reminding users, who are already using StrictPay, to add their account number in the memo field, when requesting payouts. Please stay tuned for a progress update on introduction of our “Digital Currency Exchange & Interest Bearing Storage Capacity

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