Updated: 12/16/2008 19:27
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There is nothing else members could do than accepting lost they made in an autosurf program which called 15dailypay. This program was started in August 9th and had offered a plan which was 8% daily for 15 days. According to members, their pay outs have been pending since middle of September. And the admin had promised to refund the members who were not in profit as his update on September 28th which as follow:

“Dear members, I was hanged up in a problem. I am not interested to tell you all because it’s a common nature that everybody will think it’s a story. I am coming to the point I am going to refund all the members funds by 30th evening as I have transferred to E-fund from my bank account so it may take some time. Please note I will settle 100% of the member funds who are not in profit. I am very sorry to the issue happened.

. harris”

However, not only he failed to honor his promise of making refund, he also sent spam mail by using different name to promote his scam program. The spam mail as follow:

“I am Williams H, the new administrator of 15DailyPay.com. We have started 15DailyPay fresh edition with more security and more reliable. Your account is like new! as everybody starting from first to make new revolution in the market!”


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