Updated: 12/18/2008 23:19
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Spam on behalf of Goldpoll is sent and protested immediately in the official blog, the complaints on the spammers were written, and the start page resumed

"Please don't trust in any e-mail that appeared to be from us, we never send any emails with any promo materials," - with this title Goldpoll meets the visitors. It`s already been two weeks. It's all started with the mass spam mailing, as if it was from the Goldpoll administration, advertising of The spam was protested immediately in the official blog, and the the complaints on the spammers were written, and the start page has
gained a present view.

From the one side everything is very simple. To destroy the reputation of the Goldpoll, decided to send a spam on behalf of Goldpoll. But, what was the reason to post a clickable link on the site. For cogency? We have not any reasons not to trust to a respected owner of the Goldpoll monitoring site, Paul, but a this whole situation looks very suspicious.

Of course, it is not important that my guesses and the variants of the explanations are unpleasant, there is nothing bad in it. Anyway, what ever it is, the methods of the business rivals or the promotion methods
of the high yield investment, it becomes highly sensitive every day.


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