Updated: 12/20/2008 16:43
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Players of investment game program industry should not only beware of scammer investment game program admins or owners but also investment game program monitors. Reason being, some monitors ‘support’ those scam investment game programs when the monitors keep receiving their pay outs regardless the members are facing pending pay outs.

However, nowadays not only players but also the investment game program admins or owners should beware of the monitors. We received complained that one of the monitors, hyip365 had blackmailed them which was as follow:

We will attack your site if you do not pay the cost of banner.
648x60 banner or 728x90 banner:30$ (Add to the Premium listing)

Our AD Page: http://www.hyip365.net/?a=advertise hyip365.net”

So, we suggest you do not trust this monitor unless the admin of hyip365 could clarify this matter with proof.


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