Updated: 12/20/2008 13:50
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The existing macroeconomic situation troubles people worldwide. High level dynamics of euro growth make people keep more money on their hands

The existing macroeconomic situation troubles not only us but people worldwide. High level dynamics of euro growth make people to keep more money on their hands which slows down the development of the world economy and had an adverse impact on financial industry. In this regard, wide structure fluctuation occurring on the currency markets influence the rates which causes troubles to working class who is confused by the fact that while the US economy goes on slumping and plunging into recession with the foreign debt growing, dollar continues to rise in price. The situation is never improved even by the reduction of refinancing rates, or OPEC's operation to reduce ‘black gold' production volumes. The market just lacks bucks cash which causes the strength of American currency. However, there are some trends of reduction of US dollar rates against Euro which is not because of Euro strength, rather it is because of gloomy prospects awaiting dollar and fearing allusions incessantly occurring to analysts that the household of the US will sink into the deep recession.

Thereby along with other analysts of I recommend people to distribute risks thus compensating threats of volatile tendencies on the market, and invest their assets into euro, dollar and, for those who is doubting the viability of the whole financial system, invest into gold as well. Balanced portfolio will allow you to insure the risks and survive the crisis decently.

Still, the quotations piercing a hole in the bottom of the world stock markets can serve you as a tool to make profits. There is an opinion that today is the right time to invest funds into the market as long as a person who buys at low price will sell at high price. The only negative aspect of this strategy is that you will have to wait for a long time. As for us, we are working with the developing markets and the situation is somewhat different there. You can earn there within 100 days and our project proved it in practice.

An optimistic forecast for the nearest months allowed us to introduce a few days ago a new investment plan “Christmas” with the special funding terms. According to the “Christmas” plan your daily interest rate will amount to 3.3%, the payoffs are effected on a daily basis, the length of the deposit is 42 days. The amount to be deposited ranges from $1000 (min) to $10000 (max). Investments in “Christmas” plan can be made until January 7 only.

Certainly, such a shock occurring at the market may result in that investment activity on the Internet can turn out rather profitable inasmuch as digital money along with hard cash notes are undergoing inflation pressure.

In general and on the whole we can draw a conclusion that in a long term perspective we are expecting euro to increase against dollar along with more volatility at the markets. Yet, the world economy is developing and after large-scale collapses we will surely see upsurges. We should be more optimistic!

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