Updated: 12/22/2008 18:35
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We have added Perfect Money to our website as another payment processor for making deposits and withdrawals. Many of you have asked for it, and here it is. More payment processors will be added in the future, but please bear in mind that we can't add each one that you ask for. Only reliable ones will be added, but it takes some time
before we get all the insurance we need prior to adding new payment methods. Liberty Reserve will remain our primary payment processor, and we would like to recommend as a reliable exchanger with multi-language website to all investors who are having issues with funding their Libery Reserve accounts.

It is exactly two months today since Prospera is online. Thanks to the stable profit, the number of investors has exceeded even our most optimistic expectations and we are advancing to become one of the leading private investment programs.

Also, in the following lines we will use this occassion to explain a couple of things that we get asked about pretty often.

The current financial crisis isn't affecting Prospera because we are doing our best to avoid working with anything that's related to it. We do not work with banks and we do not work with loans and that keeps our business in a safe place. As you already know, the largest portion of our income comes from commodity markets (oil and precious metals), as well as from FOREX. Thanks to the current fluctuations of the currencies, the FOREX is taking bigger and bigger part in our business today.

In order to receive referral commision, you don't have to be an active investor, meaning that you don't have to deposit funds into Prospera in order to become qualified to receive referral bonus. If, for any reason, you cannot or do not want to deposit, feel free to refer others and withdraw your referral commision at any time.

If you have any other questions or suggesstions, feel free to contact us.

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