Updated: 12/23/2008 12:37
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Investors asking latest news about Invesco Trade who made a claim “have been working several years in research department of big brokerage company”. This question emerged when they were not accept payment from Invesco Trade.

So what is was on with Invesco Trade ?

The answer is: Invesco Trade scam and gone.

They were lier, what already they told not true: ” If you trust your money to our company capital management professionals, you do not risk loosing your investments “. Their plans start from $1 to $100000 for 180 days and 2.00% - 2.30% profit. Up to 2.3% daily for 180 days. Compounding available. Principal returned. SSL secured website. 5% referral comission and online 31 days.

Stay away from Invesco Trade.

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