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Collapse of Madoff's structure was doubtless one of the greatest scam scandals in the history of finances. It is estimated that Madoff's scam cost the investors more than $50 billion. For some of businesses the crash of Madoff's structure meant the ruin of their own business. So, one of the founders of Access International, Ren©-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, has committed a suicide on December 23, 2008 in his New York City office. According to the reports both of his wrists were slashed with with box cutters. No suicide note was found some sources say that before cutting his wrists Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet has also taken sleeping pills. It is known that Access International had invested $1.4 billion with Madoff's firm. De la Villehuchet had also invested his personal money with Madoff's business. People say that this fact has caused the tragedy.

"He had been searching day and night for a way to recover the funds of his investors. ... He couldn't bear the blame game that broke out among Europeans," a person described as close to Villehuchet told La Tribune.

The Wall Street Journal has provided the list of the investors to Bernard Madoff's company with the largest potential. They are as follows:

Fairfield Greenwich Advisors - $7.50 billion
Tremont Capital Management - $3.30 billion
Banco Santander - $2.87 billion
Bank Medici - $2.10 billion
Ascot Partners - $1.80 billion
Access International Advisors - $1.40 billion
Fortis - $1.35 billion
Union Bancaire Priv©e - $1.00 billion
HSBC - $1.00 billion

The total amount lost with those giants is $22.32 billion.


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