Updated: 12/26/2008 18:10
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Your e-currency account will not be credited after 48 hours or even after 24 hours upon the maturity of the promised plan as this investment game program which called financedailypro is paying selectively to the monitors and to a few members who requested a few cents of withdrawals.

This program was started on December 7th and offers one type of plan which is 25% - 35% daily 6 days. And recently, this scammer tried to scam more by offering a limited time offer plan which is 250%-300% after 1 day. And the members complained the admin did not pay for that promotion plan too.

The admin never replied to any support ticket. So, you should take a closer look at each and every votes made on the monitors as most of the monitors display on the website show paying status when this program is actually not.


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