Updated: 12/26/2008 19:52
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This investment game program does not invest in any market globally instead the admin is trying to scam players across the globe when he started to honor pay out only to the monitors and small amount of withdrawal requests since middle of last month.

This program was started in July and offers three types of plans which are 120% - 140% after 6 days, 125% - 170% after 15 days, and 160% - 250% after 30 days. The members revealed that when contacted this scammer over messenger and asked him about the pending pay outs, he requested for more deposits in order for him to make the pay outs. He also warned the members not to post the discussion anywhere and on any forum. If any member does so, he will not pay anything at all.

The admin also admitted that he has no more money to make pay out. So, most probably he asked for more deposits for his own profits and continuously paying to the monitors and small amount of pay outs in order to scam more players.

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