Updated: 12/28/2008 12:40
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This message is to confirm the permanence of our maturity period of 190 business days strictly as per our Terms

This message is to confirm the permanence of our maturity period of 190 business days (strictly as per our Terms). Due to several days off thanks to the Christmas and New Year Holidays you could find the maturity date changed several days forward. The script is not perfect and by itself it counts the regular weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) only. The Holiday days off are counted manually, so that happens not right after you open an account but after our operator updates the database. The maturity period stays exactly the same – 190 business days, but the calendar date of maturity moves every time Holiday day is added.

Sorry for this inconvenience. Please be patient - the Holidays are just several days and they happen not so often.
Below is the list of the latest and the nearest Holidays counted:
- August 25-th,
- September 1-st,
- October 13-th,
- December 24-th,
- December 25-th,
- December 26-th,
- December 30-th,
- December 31-st,
- January 1-st,
- January 2-nd.

See our News for more details.

We all together worked hard this year and did a great job. See our 2008 financial results at
Let's have Holidays' days off and go on the same and better way in 2009.
Every cent invested and earned will be necessarily and precisely paid!

Have great Holidays! Have great yields!
Merry Christmas!

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