Updated: 12/29/2008 17:09
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This scam autosurf program which called coinsurf will only give you return of a few coins or nothing at all. This program was started on August 27th and offers 14.3% daily for 10 days. According to the members, the admin has stopped paying them since October. Then, on November 17th, the admin sent an update, given some common scam excuse and even tried to scam more by implementing a 55% rule, where members need to upgrade at least 55% of the overall pending amount in order to receive the pay out. The update was as follow:

Dear Members, As you know, there are some bodies who are driving to Hit and Run in to any program.
They are checking progress and will damage it. We must stop them to our survival!
Therefor we have decided to run the rule of 55% for all members, as well.
This system works automatically and according to own standards, realizes which members have been followed this rule and are qualified to cash out.

Please don't contact us about your pay out if you haven't expected the rule perfectly.
Also we know that some members maybe unable to make additional upgrades (follow 55% rule) but unfortunatly we have to run this rule to be able to continue our business
perfectly. Please undrestand us in this way.

What means 55% rule ?
Payments will be given to those members who do have upgrades equal to 55% of
their pending amount or more.

As we can predict, the admin did not make the pay out even tough they made the required upgrade as complained by the members. This scammer also never replied to any email concerning the pending pay out. However, when the members has had problem to upgrade and sent emails asking for help, this scammer has no hesitation to reply it with instructions on how to upgrade successfully.

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