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Do you think you know much about running a website and what you know is correct Many websites and online business become success because the

Do you think you know much about running a website and what you know is correct? Many websites and online business become success because the returning visitors are the significant portion of its overall traffic. Visitors who come over and over again are easier for online business owner to turn them into paying customers and make money online because the more often they return to a site, the more confidence they have in the site and the owner of the site. To build up the credibility is important for any internet business owner. Therefore, you should maintain your returning visitors to your site. There are several ways to keep your returning visitors.

First, you can set up a forum, chat or shout box and integrate it to your website. When you start a forum, chat or shout box, it can provide visitors a place to express their opinions and communicate with other visitors on your site. Then those visitors can create a kind of community and also they will continue return to your site regularly.

Secondly, you also can set up a blog where you can up date with the latest news, articles, information, etc related to your website themes. People surfing the internet looking for news and if you can up date your blog with fresh news oftenly, definitely visitors will come again and awaiting for your new blog posts. You also can build up your credibility and make people believe that there is a real life person behind the site and you will have a good impression from them when they think you are an expert in what you are writing.

Other than setting up forum, chat, shout box or blog, other ways to form an interaction between you and visitors, and for visitors to interact among themselves, then you should consider adding pools and surveys to your site. It gives a quick way for visitors to express their views and participate in your website. However, make sure you create polls or surveys that are interesting, popular yet relevant to the theme of your website so that your visitors will be interested in the results.

Thirdly, why not you conduct puzzles, games and contests on your website. Some people who are bored with the same daily routine jobs can find a bit fun if you conduct series of puzzles, games or contests and they will come to your website frequently to try them out.
You also can conduct competitions and offer attractive prizes in order to encourage your visitors to keep coming to your website and try to win those prizes.

However, the most sure fire way to make sure your visitors keep coming back to your website is by updating your website frequently with new content for them to read. When your website works properly, you have lots of returning visitors, and they are involving with your website, you start to make some dollars. And now you also can consider making money off affiliate program as we mentioned earlier, it is easier to entice returning visitors to purchase products that you recommend as they start to believe in you and respect your reputation.

Affiliate program can generate a short term and long term benefits and income. First of all, you should register with affiliate programs. There are numerous affiliate programs on the internet and you should choose the one or multiple programs that suitable with your website theme or niche. If you wish to receive long term commission benefit, then you should choose programs that offer tiered or multi level commissions. A few good affiliate websites that you can start searching on are Commission Junction, CashPile, and ShareASale.

Next, you set up a separate page just for your affiliate program. However, it is better that the link to your affiliate program separate page is masked by using tool that is available on websites such as TinyURL or SnipURL. On this affiliate program page, you should write your sales pitch effectively, persuasively and convincingly and you will see about average or more of your returning visitors will buy from you.

And now here is the most important part. You also need to create an attractive, enticing, and attention grabber button, banner, or a few lines that will make your visitors click on it and being directed to your affiliate program page. There is no point of having compelling sales pitch if you can't direct or drive your visitors to that affiliate program page.

Then you will realize you can start making money more than what you normally made before this. If your visitors join a membership site under your affiliate link, you can earn monthly commission. And if you promote tiered or multi level commissions products, you can still earn when your buyers sell the same product to other buyers. This way, you can make long term benefit and income.


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