Updated: 01/02/2009 20:02
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As you all know, the contest is over. Thank you for all those who participated. You can check out the Top 50 coupon earners by clicking on Check if your member number is there and how many coupons you've earned. Tomorrow, we will pick the lucky 10 winners via random penny LR transactions. In total, we are giving away 3,389 coupons.

In a couple of minutes after receiving this email, if you've earned a coupon from your participation, you will receive another one with your randomly picked sequential coupon number(s) (random member ID but sequential coupon numbers). If you do not receive a coupon email then that means you didn't participate and hopefully, you'll participate next time.

I will be posting the winning numbers and the transaction info at our MAIN FORUM ( so if you are not a member yet, I suggest you join us there. It is a fun place to be. The advantages of joining is plenty. You will get the scoop on anything and everything about our program before anybody else

Complete winning numbers will be posted on the other forum threads after all the winners are announced.

That's it! Thank you all!

Roger C

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