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It is very important to be able to recognize e-business mistakes before they cost consumer loyalty and a decrease in profits

It is very important to be able to recognize e-business mistakes before they cost consumer loyalty and a decrease in profits. And covers 4 ways to avoid critical situation. So the first mistake is not communicating with consumers. With all the Web2.0 developments and Social Networking tools available today, there is no reason why an online business cannot use forums, chats, blogs, message boards, and newsletters to create two-way communication with their potential customers.Chats are also easy to manage. There are hundreds of people on the net who want a place to reach new customers. Chat scripts are free, or already built into many of the major software content management systems.

Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, and Yahoo groups' environment can offer much better sales tool than a sales ad page telling people all the great things that can be offered. The second mistake is buy-ups. As customers become savvier the buy-ups can't be hidden. Company can't expect that customers while receiving the e-mail with information won't translate it as "buy-ups". Instead of that it is recommended to offer them a free blog, membership, or other perk that will keep them in touch with the ecommerce company as well as reward their loyalty. The third mistake is determined as "affiliate link through". Many affiliate based sites make the biggest mistake when clients are ready to buy. If the site requires a user to link from one site to another before they can buy, then make sure the code takes them to a buy now page - not the site's home page - not a product page - not a sale page. So it is needed to be sure that the website and the parent company's site look as similar as possible. And the last mistake made by e-businessmen is the stagnation of pages. In fact many web browsers hit a page three times before they decide to buy. This means that it is necessary to give users a reason to return, again and again. One of the most overlooked tools is a feedburn. This tool lets people subscribe a third-party tool. Subscribers receive notifications when something is updated in the company blog, which can also serve as the bottom half of the home page.

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