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Good news! Our site is back online! Well, many of you already know that. Our current hosting provider didn't give me any explanation as to the cause of the downtime. He just simply replied with ‘Your site is up again.' A couple of things:

1st- All pending withdrawal requests are paid. Some almost instant as they just requested while I was paying. If you are one of them then please post your experience at our forums.

2nd- We will be moving our program to the new hosting provider. We will do this starting tonight midnight server time and will do it as minimal a downtime as possible. There will be no free surf days as we do this. If you do not manage to surf then we will just extend your surfing days.

3rd- Speaking of surfing days extensions, it goes the same to everybody who weren't able to surf yesterday when the site went down. You will also get a day extension.

4th- When the site goes down for whatever reason, know that I do not have access to the program and the database like you. Therefore, I cannot send out a mass email like this to tell everyone what to do (or to just relax and be patient). Please do not send support tickets asking me what happened and when we will come back. Your option is to go to our main forum and/or any of our public forums threads to get the latest news and updates. What I post there is what I get. I do not have time to reply to hundreds of tickets asking me for updates.”

And here is the follow-up:
“Change of plan. Since my programmer is currently online, and won't be tonight at 12 MN server time. We decided that we should move the server to the new hosting provider already. We will do this at exactly 12 noon server time. You have less than an hour after I send this to do your surfing if you haven't done so yet. To do our move, we need to disable log-ins and surfing as we need to transfer the most current database to the new server. With this transfer, It might take about an hour or so to transfer the complete database.

Then the DNS would still have to propagate across the internet, this usualy takes up to 3 days to complete. Watch out for updates on our forums on how to get a ‘workaround' on this. We will post it as soon as the move is done so you won't lose any surfing days. Please be patient at this time, I only want the best for our program. You should already know that by now.”

And finally the most recent follow-up informing us of the successful change of server:

“Our server move is done. You can safely access the site again. But while you can access it quite normally, it has not fully propagated yet. You will know that you are on the new server if you can see the message on the main page stating ‘THIS IS THE NEW SERVER IF YOU ARE SEEING THIS.'. If not, please follow this instructions:
On Windows: Go to C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts using My Computer or Windows Explorer
On Mac 10.2 and later: /private/etc/hosts file (for instructions on how to do it pre-10.2, Google ‘macintosh hosts file' - the top hit is an Apple article on how to do this, but I don't want to post a link)
The ‘hosts' file is plain text, open it with Notepad or any text editor and add these 2 lines at the bottom and save: aggeroinvestment.com www.aggeroinvestment.com
Then after a week or so, remove those entries and use DNS.

Thank you very much for being patient as we change servers. Because of our downtime last night, we had to do this already for the betterment of our program. Now, let's continue on and prosper with AggeroInvestment!

P.S. Check our forums for more updates or if you have any questions about the instructions given above. I cannot possibly explain it to each and everyone of you who will send tickets regarding this. You have sponsors who can help you and you also have some very nice and helpful co-members at the forums who are ready to help you out."

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