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1. Focusing on an ad format. The only format that has worked well for the majority is the large rectangle which has 336 times 280 size. This format is

1. Focusing on an ad format. The only format that has worked well for the majority is the large rectangle which has 336 times 280 size. This format is said has higher CTR or click through rate. Basically because of the way the ads look like normal web links, the visitors are most probably will click on it. They may not notice that they are clicking on your adsense as they are used to click on this style of web link, but as long as there are clicks, you can earn.

2. Make use of custom palettes for your ads. Choose a color that matches with the background of your site. For instance, if the site is white background, use white color for your ad border and background. The idea to custom the color is that to make the appearance of adsense to looks like the website or blog content. Therefore, you will gain more clicks from visitors to its website.

3. Place your adsense on top of your site. Do not hide your adsense and make them visible. Place your adsense in the place where people can see them quickly and clearly. You will be surprised at how the difference of locations can make when you see your adsense earnings.

4. You can try to insert your adsense code on web or blog pages automatically by using SSI or server side included. Make sure your server supports SSI, if not ask the network administrator. Then you can just simply enter the adsense code in a text file, save it, and transferred to the root directory of the web server. By using SSI, you can easily call the code for other pages. This trick is a time saver, especially for those who use automatic generation to generate pages on your site or blog.

5. However, always remember, there are many other internet marketers, online business owner or blog writers are sharing the same niche market as you, thus sharing the same adsense. Therefore, you should think of and come up with unique ideas that will make your adsense ads be something different from those already have. Each click from a visitor is going to make you earn money, so try to make your visitors click on your adsense.

6. Another way to increase your adsense income is try to use software to create hundreds of sites embedded with adsense quickly and using reprinted articles. The more websites or blogs you have which contain more adsense, the more you will earn. You may earn 10 bucks here and another 50 bucks there. After everything has been set up and run, all you need to do is to maintain the content of the website or blog and put adsense on it. Then you should start seeing the money rolling in.

Google adsense has become one of the best ways for small internet marketer or online businessperson to earn online, and the entire industry seems to have grown from time to time. Always experiment your adsense with changing the background color, fonts, text colors, ads location, content keywords, etc in order to achieve more clicks from the visitors for your adsense campaign, and thus maximize your adsense earning.

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