Updated: 01/08/2009 16:39
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WMTFund has recently announced it will soon be adding SolidTrustPay to its list of accepted payment processors.

W-MTFund has recently anounced it will soon be adding SolidTrustPay to its list of accepted payment processors. This is certainly a most welcome development from this already reliable program. Furthermore, following on from yesterdays piece on the behavior of our neighbors over at HYIP.com towards StableProfit (reviewed here) it appears that W-MTFund is the latest in a growing list of sites to fall victim to the whims of or friends there.

It seems that the admin there decided to put W-MTFund to problem status and then decided to take the rest of the day off and not tell anybody why he did this. Not his readers and not the admin of W-MTFund. Your suggestions are welcome because the last time I checked the members were getting paid without complaint. This remains a mystery to all concerned as HYIP.com have still failed to come up with any explanation. W-MTFund were left with no alternative but to remove their site from this so called monitoring site.

Proving yet again that the information provided by this site falls so far short of the truth as to be downright reckless. With good programs listed as problem and closed programs listed as paying and no information offered on either, this has got to be one of the most irresponsible sites out there now. Its a simply appalling service to both admins and investors alike. Why?

Because even if a good program is listed as paying how can we as investors know its true? If we were to take this sites advive wed still be throwing money into EKOFunds a full week after it closed! Take my advice and do yourself and your wallet a huge favor. Stay clear of HYIP.com. And that applies not just to investors but to admins too. If investors cant trust his ratings, in the long run he will only loose you as many members as he refers you.

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