Updated: 01/11/2009 15:49
Hyip Monitor
For the last few months you have abandoned you sites and have made no effort to find out what it going on with the sites or payouts.

Dear Jo, For the last few months you have abandoned you sites and have made no effort to find out what it going on with the sites or payouts. I have been doing my part as admin like we agreed upon and have taken all the flac for you disappearing since August and not paying anyone.

With that being said I have to admit writing this has been tough to think about and do but clearly you don't seem to care anymore and I am sick of carrying the bags for you. While you are fighting a deadly disease in cancer I have been fighting my own health problems since October which has been many trips in and out of the hospital and doctors, while going through major surgery on Tuesday but the one thing I did not entertain was abandon everyone who cares about my health and well being or just friends on here I came back and took care of business for you sites and the members of the sites while being in pain ect.

Where have you been during my process no where to help I have been advised of a lot of thins from being a vegetable to finally having the ability to move freely again after more than a decade of hardly no movement at all. The one thing I did do even through all this was I kept coming back to take care of your sites even when the news was bad I still took care of my obligations to your members.

You on the other hand have walked away from them and not even mentioning a thing to anyone especially me who need to be able to communicate with people who enquired about your health and status but nothing but silence is all we have. The fact the only conversations I have had with you since august are 4 emails and a 2 minute dialog on messenger doesn't help out anyone especially me who is sitting at the door holding the keys.
Since you don't care anymore and I am pretty sick of carrying the load for you while fighting my own health issues which are still in pending because it is a rare disease and they are still testing to find out why things have happened and why they have been happening. It is time for you to step up and take care of your obligations to your members stop hiding the only one you are hurting besides me is yourself and I am quite frankly not going to ruin my reputation for your disappearance. I can do that with out your help.

So here is the deal from this point forward I am resigning as admin at both your sites and will remove everything of mine from them, you will need to either come back and do your job or the sites will die from not being looked after I am done being the person protecting everyone from this altogether you can keep my money because at this point you need it more than I do.

This email will be posted on Super and in the forums to let everyone know how I feel about this situation you created and I don't care how anyone feels about my actions from this but you created this mess you are on your own on how to get out of it. I have carried the ball solo since September for you and quite frankly when I sold my site because of my own health issues I was looking at a new direction for myself but still had to keep up your sites and it has held me back.

So with that being said good luck on everything you now have to explain to everyone why you have done thins and cancer is not going to cut it. It is not a valid reason to abandon your sites or your members and stick it to me. I have been back everyday with my problems even when I didn't want to so its not an acceptable excuse any more.

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