Updated: 01/11/2009 19:28
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Phishing web sites are setup by hackers made to look as any genuine web site, such as Liberty Reserve or Paypal, eBay, Bank of America, etc

Phishing web sites are setup by hackers made to look as any genuine web site, such as Liberty Reserve (or Paypal, eBay, Bank of America, etc.). The main function of a phishing or fake web site is to gain access to your account by stealing your login details via login forms that look and feel as were real. Users who do not check the exact URL address of the web site they are on may fall victims of these malicious setups.

In continuous effort to make your browsing experience as safe as possible, Liberty Reserve has created an open source Firefox add-on that will protect you from the fake phishing web sites and will alert you when you are on a genuine Liberty Reserve web site. This add-on in will also work with other web sites.

With the help of your reports of new phishing web sites we will be able to protect all our clients against this important threat. This open source plug in requires Firefox browser, which is much more secure, in our opinion, than Microsoft Internet Explorer. At this time, this plug in is in beta test mode and is recommended for experienced users. More than 100 users have downloaded already and began to contribute to our safety on-line. Join others!

For more information and to download LibertyGuard please click here:

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