Updated: 01/12/2009 23:34
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TTG has reopened. Sadly we have had to temporarily reinstate V1 however there is also some great news to go along with the dreary news

TTG has re-opened. Sadly we've had to temporarily re-instate V1 however there is also some great news to go along with the dreary news. We've secured funding of 200,000.00 USD via an Angel Investment.. We will be running V1 while we refine V2 as we've encountered a few serious security issues while working with the V2 merge. V2 requires more refinement. Our goal is to wipe the entire payout queue on January 29th and try for another V2 launch the following day. You will be able to re-request another payout upon launch of V2 with your balance. While we refine V2 further and run V1 only minimal portions of the forum are to remain active to try and help control overall server loads so we are able to continue refining V2 in the back end.

Happy New Year. May 2009 bring prosperity to all.

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