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Look into some posits of active forums members, several well respected GPT owners.

I belong to a very active forum that claims, as its members, several well respected GPT owners.
This post was just made by one of them:
I just sent this email to my members but wanted to post it as a thread here:
There is a new site out called that claims it offers fast and easy emails that can be used to complete offers on GPT sites.
This is not permitted to be used on Bank Roll Bucks or on any other GPT site because they are offering disposable emails as you all know they are fraudulent and will get your account terminated.
Other site owners are aware of this site and are alerting their members as well.
If you are caught using any of their so called "emails" your account will be terminated.
I am sorry but this type of email can get my accounts closed with networks as well since they cannot be used to communicate like a true email can be.
Several disposable email address sites exist. Using a disposable email addresses when submitting a GPT offer has not been allowed for almost a year now. But every now and then something new, like this, pops up. Don't jeopardize your membership. Don't use a disposable GPT address.

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