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It just gives us a lot of pleasure to be sending out this update. The 2 month StartUp Plan is coming to an end and PAC is ready to make the...

It just gives us a lot of pleasure to be sending out this update. The 2 month Start-Up Plan is coming to an end and PAC is ready to make the transition to our Main Plan.To all new members who may be wondering what we are talking about please refer to our Home Page and the forum threads (we'll include a couple of links) to help you understand.

So here we are, All New AdPacks as well as the ones in the system on the 19th January, Server time will convert to our main Cashout Plan which is upon expiry.

Fairly straightforward.You will continue to see your earnings in your 'Active AdPack ' Table as you have been.

There will be a difference ,Rebate Earnings will not move to Balance until the AdPack Expires.You will then be able to withdraw to your PP account or Cash Balance.

There will be 2 new Classes:

A-Class Max $7500 Fees Fees $75 per 30 Days
A1-Class Max $11,250 Fees - Fees $100 per 30 Days
Executive Level Max will now be $15,000 - fees $150 per 30 Days.
Elite Class ,will be enabled only for the members who have reserved a spot.
We look forward to serve you better as we settle in this Permanent Phase.
And now for the EXTRA SPECIAL PROMO!

We have a lot to celebrate this month and boy, we will be giving away quite a few goodies!

This month is Extra Special because PAC is 2 months old, Scotia is 4 months old, we are in the first month of a brand new year with endless possibilities and of course we are moving to our Permanent Phase.Enjoy!

- All AdPacks on the 19th will be awarded a Matching Bonus of 25%.(This goes for both PAC and Scotia.) - All new members and Inactive members who purchase on the 19th will have a Free ECONOMY membership.
- Minimum New Purchase for the day is $20.
- 2 Members will win $500 each.
- 5 members will be picked and given a Free Referral!
- 5 members will be given a Free 468 x 60 Advertising Spot.

It's going to be a fantastic day!A start of an exciting journey for all us.Let us all celebrate.

Now we know, a lot of you may have questions or just want share in the excitement.You will find really awesome members here:


Have a Terrific Day!

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