Updated: 01/17/2009 23:32
Hyip Monitor
Hey Everyone I am back, What is that groaning Still not 100 per cent but I could not stay away any longer. Why Cause I got some News

Hey Everyone I am back, What's that groaning I'm hearing. Still not 100% but I could not stay away any longer. Why?

Cause I got some News...We have now have a Downline Mailer installed so you can contact your Downline Members and see if the need assistance of course when you do that you will need to leave your contact details. I must caution you though please no spamming that is loading your mail with heaps of links. Please think how you like to be contacted and treat your fellow member with the same courtesy and respect.

The other thing is we have a Downline Builder installed as well but as yet we have no programs uploaded. This will start happening later today hopefully.

So how will we celebrate this?... What about surf 175 pages and get 50 credits. Nice and easy cool surfing. The demand on pages surfed not high but the rewards are. I have loaded up the prize page with all the goodies you need, so get out there have fun.

For anyone who is involved in PTC paid To Click sites, there is a company who assist you by warning which programs they feel are suspect or need watching. It is entirely free, so check for yourself and no cost to be kept up to date. Have a look here


Thank you to Earle who has so kindly stepped up for me and worked his tail off to keep things going smoothly.
Thank you everyone for keeping our surf rate up you guys rock!

For the members who I found out about, who came back to Volcano Hits when they found something they wanted to join and did so under some of our members here. I am aware you could have joined right where saw the bussiness. Thank You for the Volcano spirit that is what teamwork is all about. I hope you guys make a fortune and those of you who sponsored them give them a little extra attention.

Thanks Guys

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