Updated: 01/19/2009 19:57
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Stoic-capital is still one of the most popular HYIP programs out there. It started in March of 2008. And it is still humming without any problem. According my past HYIP investing experiences, the HYIP can survive without any problem for so long (1 year or more) is not too common. Because the rate of return is not outragous, with the right number of membership grow, I think it might still have room for you to make profits from it. I expect it might last another cycle or two, meaning another year from now.

My 190 day investment just matured, when I logged onto my account this morning, I got this message under my account deposit info:

Dear xxxxxx, The 190 business day period has matured and now our Security Division is accomplishing the Due Diligence check to be sure that you are a true and accurate owner of the 3589151309 account with The Stoic. It may take some time. Several ID confirmation documents could be requested. Please treat with understanding that this is for the security reasons only to avoid unauthorized access and hackers’ activities. After the check is completed the funds will be accrued to your available balance and you will be able to see the funds there and you will be informed by e-mail as well.

I will update my blog readers if and when I got my initial investment backs. In the meantime, I was able to withdrawal my interest on a semi-weekly basis. Once the fund is in your balance, you should be able to withdraw fine. I usually get in within 24 hours on business day.

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