Updated: 01/20/2009 22:03
Hyip Monitor

The admin of this very high rate of return within very short period of time frame type of investment game program plays fool on you. You can’t play in this investment game program to get profit, instead the admin plays with your money and you lose.

This program was started on December 9th and offers three types of very high rate of return within very short period of time frame plans which are 700% after 1 day, 1500% after 2 days, and 2200% after 3 days.

According to the members, none of them ever got any pay out from this program regardless any plan they had deposited their money in. Those who had made a test plan with the minimum amount of deposit also did not get the pay out. However, this scammer keeps paying to the monitors only. So, that’s why all the monitors display on the rating page show paying status.


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