Updated: 01/22/2009 18:00
Hyip Monitor

Hey there everyone, I have been getting complaint after complaint about the email ads. I have checked and double checked all the settings and everything is the way it is supose to be, but the mailer just does what it wants! I appoligize for all the emails that have wasted your time. But this is going to stop!

I am going to do emails just a bit differently now. This will cut down on alot on emails, and help in not wasting your time!

We still have 5 emails running (old ones) so if you get one of these please click them out so we can move on. I have made them all 24 hour unique which means you can click on them everyday now. So once these are done, we can move on to the new system.

Every email (once these 5 are gone) ad that goes out now will pay you 2 cents! These will be a one minute view. Yes this is a long time, but for the cost of these emails, the advertiser deserves to get your attention! These will be a one time shot. The mailer sends out emails to everyone, I can not control this, so if you get an email, and you have already seen it, just delete it and don't waste your time. You can only view each email one time. I am only selling 200 emails at a shot, so this should cut down on the double emails.

So each mail is a one minute view, and you will make 2 cents for your visit. Each email can only be viewed one time, and with less being sold they should get viewed up quicker. And because the view is longer and cost more, only serious advertisers will purchase this ad (cutting down on the amount of emails)

Now on the other hand if you are an advertiser.... what a view right? I am selling these at 200 emails for just $5 Where else can you get a one minute visit! These can be found on the advertising page.

**Note ** Dont forget that you can log onto the site, hit the profile button, and have all emails sent to your on site inbox! That way you can come to the site and view these, but with only 200 going out at 2 cents a pop,, you need to visit the site regularly and view these!****

I hope this helps everyone, I got tired of trying to fix email ads, as you were seeing "you have already seen this ad" and lets not talk about the turning numbers 4 and 5 times!

The new emails will still require a turning number (this is just to log you on and
prove that you are a human) but it should only be a one time deal!

Have a good nite everyone and I hope this makes for a better site.


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