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1. The coding team working on V2 is paid. They have been refining for some time now and continuing to do so. So far we have been assured

1. The coding team working on V2 is paid. They've been refining for some time now and continuing to do so. So far we've been assured they will make launch date.
2. The hardware required to launch V2 along with V1 one V1 is fixed and tied into V2 is aquired.
3. Everything is in line to make our deadline so long as the coders complete their task on time.
4. We've been also spending the last few weeks getting all our ducks in a row with CPA companies, and other advertisers with the PTSU portion.
5. If people took the time to go back in this thread and read the "official" announcements they would see exactly that we've been constantly updating everything with news that we can give at this moment.
6. I've not been on to speak with Ryan as I've also been dealing with real life things.
I've left him a message this morning. That post should not have been posted from yourself as an administrator therefor you're no longer a forum administrator. To make a post like that was not constructive and therefor unhelpful while we're trying to go to launch.
7. If everything goes according to plans we WILL make launch date. Users must take into consideration the scope of this. There is two complete platforms which will merge into one. We're dealing with a LARGE angel investment firm to fascilitate all of this. There's nothing magic about this. We put in more hours at our job per day than any of you likely. Unless you work with projects on this scale we don't expect you to understand but if it's given thought perhaps some understanding can be achieved. We've not announced anywhere that we will not make launch day now have we?
Are they complete yet? No not yet that I'm aware so what exactly can i update you that you do not already know?

When we have more news for you we will post it. So far the only news I have for you is that everything is going according to plans.

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