Updated: 01/24/2009 17:52
Hyip Monitor

Dear Member, as you all know SilverInvest always try to be different to their members as other investment opportunities in the Internet. Therefore we created a very own Internet company and will from now on do business only over this company. We will give real shares and certificates away for members with investments more than US$5000, the share value will be 5000 British Pound. What is much more than US$5000, we do this to show our thank you to all higher investors.

But what does this help more than a paper?
Every Shareholder will get a real share every six month form our profits on top of their investment. How much this share is depend on our performance but it is additional money for each shareholder. You can still get your share, every single US$ you invested count and if you reach the US$5000 we will give you a share on the very next day.

I hope you all are happy with the development of our company and enjoy your extra income.

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