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It seems that everyone wants to work from the comfort of home. Although there are many scams out there on the internet, there are still truly valid...

It seems that everyone wants to work from the comfort of home. Although there are many scams out there on the internet, there are still truly valid and lawful online job that you can perform at home such as online typing and data entry jobs. Although maybe you can’t find exactly the job that you dream about, there are still some choices that you can consider of or you will be interested in if working online from home is the kind of job you are looking for.

Some people do not know that they can really work via online and without a boss. Now, if you really want to make money at home by typing and doing online data entry as your part time income while working for a real business or as your full time income, there are options for this.

You can be paid for posting online ads. Large companies need to place advertising of its products. You will earn nice commission if someone buys from the ad that you posted. There are also websites looking for people to do short writing, usually about a paragraph long such as product review, description, and others.

There are companies outsourced some works in order to reduce the management and operational costs. These companies are looking for people with different skills, knowledge, and experiences, such as typist, coders, translators, sales people, transcriptionists, web designer and many other technical or non technical jobs. These works can be found on websites that require a small one time membership and registration fee. This amount covers the cost of updating the database of jobs availability regularly, to provide online support as well as the software needed to carry out certain jobs.

However, the big question is, do these offers of data entry jobs are genuine or just scams and to get your money. Yes, certainly the majority are scams. Unfortunately, given the current economic situation with lay offs and dismissals, many of us, especially those mothers at home and students who need extra income, fall into the promise of fast money making by working from home.

The scam works by the fraudster who placed an ad on the internet that offers online data entry jobs. But before you can start and in order to get more information for the work, they ask you to pay an amount between $ 10 and $ 50. Upon making payment, you receive nothing in return and you do not hear from him again. Or he will send you a manual where you need to sell the same manual in order to earn money, or a manual which full of dead URL links or links to unrelated companies.

However, do not be devastated, with all the bad stories and bad experience you have gone through, there are companies with a real online jobs opportunity on the internet. Those companies or webmasters who propose real online jobs such as data entry, typing email, documents, blogs or website content, the transcription of audio files, conducting research or survey, web programming, creative translation, and many more.

One good example of the companies is Data Entry Homeworkers which offers a complete set of data entry companies, almost 125 pages, including a guide on starting up data entry business, an affiliate program that gives members access to 17,000 companies, a typing course with access to typing jobs database, and also including hundreds of ebooks and softwares and good email and phone supports.

On People Per Hour, you can expect to find jobs in the administration and secretarial, programming, accounting, legal, translation, marketing and public relations, and many more. The amount of money you can earn is about $ 500 to $ 1,000 per month but it depends on the amount of work you do.

Next is My Data Team Global, provides guide on how to use a new type of data entry work which called Global Data Entry. Some of its members are making $ 300 - $ 2000 per day and more, using the program and guidance. They have been in operation for over 5 years and offers online data entry, traditional data entry, home typing, word processing and transcription.

Last but not least, another good website is Web Colleagues. The opportunity that they are offering is to type articles for several companies who want to create a presence and good impression on the internet. They also offer great support to help you to achieve your mission along with a 60 days money back guarantee.

Therefore, if you are seeking for online data entry job, you need to make sure that they can answer your most important questions honestly and with no doubt before you send any money to them. You need to ask them a few questions such as what kind of work are you paying for, how you get paid and what kind of payment processor are you using, do you have to sell, or market any product, ask for the exact location and contact numbers of their clients, call the numbers given on the website and do make sure you speak to the real person instead of being redirected to the answering machine.

Another good online job opportunity is becoming a video games tester. This is a new opportunity but becoming popular online nowadays. As there are more competition for video games than ever, it is much more demand for good video game tester.

Here are some tips for those of you who are interested in a video game testing job.

One of the ways to go into the industry is by knowing any of video game programmers or designers. These people can really help you to get your foot wet.

However, if you do not know anyone, do your research on the internet and look for video game companies. You can apply if they are opening the post of video game testers or similar.

You can also get the video game companies contact numbers, then you call them up and let them know how many video games and how well you play. Being proactive could help to demonstrate that you are serious about becoming a games tester.


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