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Hello Everyone. I have a lot of exciting news and updates in this newsletter. Swaptraffic.com’s domain is 3 years old today the 24th January, I...

Hello Everyone. I have a lot of exciting news and updates in this newsletter.

Swap-traffic.com’s domain is 3 years old today the 24th January, I haven’t owned the domain for 3 years but have been the owner for 2 years and 4 months of the 3 years. I have enjoyed the site tremendously during the time I have been the owner and that is thanks to all the members who have made the site it is today. To celebrate we have got some extras this weekend, 3 is not a very high number and as the domain coincides with my two children’s birthdays we shall use those numbers instead.

My son was 17 on the 19th January so from 2pm GMT today the 24th January 09 until 2pm GMT on Sunday the 25th January 09 everyone who surfs 100 websites in one surf session will automatically receive 17 bonus hits.
My daughter is 18 on the 26th January so from 2pm GMT on Sunday the 25th January until 2pm on Monday the 26th January 09 everyone who surfs 100 websites in one surf session will automatically receive 18 bonus hits.
These bonuses will be credited via the automatic prize page that appears as you surf and are an added extra on top of any other bonuses or prizes normally won during the surf.

I have also increased the amount of text link impression prizes available, the prize link is shown on the opposite surf bar as a counter as you surf.

New Members – If you are a new member I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a member. I have lowered the amount of sites needed to surf to activate your account from 25 to 10 until Monday the 26th January 09 so if you haven’t activated yet you may want to take this opportunity to receive your 50 bonus website hits, 200 banner impressions plus 100 text link impressions. Once your account is activated your upline will receive their bonuses too.

New Feature – We have a new features coming to swap-traffic.com. I have been bursting to tell everyone about this new feature which I am very excited about however I had to send the template back to the designer for the final changes and am awaiting this to be done before the feature can go live.

The feature is personalised splash pages where you can add your name, an image or photo, a testimonial or message, plus a banner to your own website. This is an ideal way to brand yourselves and to get noticed. I will send a separate admin with full details of the feature once the designer completes the work. In the meantime I will be patient.

Payments – There are 6 payment requests pending and these will all be completed on Monday the 26th January 09 so if you would like to request a paypal payment if you do so before Monday am you will be paid with this batch. All payment are made within 14 days of request and full balance is paid so you only need to request payment the once. Alert pay minimum spend is $1so if anyone wishes to request alert pay I am unable to pay you until your balance is £1 or over.

E-gold has been removed as a payment processor, I uploaded my documents and was told to re upload them again. I waited before re uploading the documents to see how things progressed at e-gold’s end. So far the progress does not seem good, if in the future e-gold shows to be a trustworthy payment processor I may try to re upload the documents.

I also offer a member only offer for those who do not wish to cash out to redeem cash in accounts for website hits, this is an ongoing offer and is set at 25 cents for 1000 website hits. If you wish to exchange your cash in accounts for this offer you can do so via support ticket in your tools page via the support link.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and an enjoyable surfing experience. If you want your websites to go into rotation and to be seen by other members don’t forget to allocate hits manually in the my websites section.

Thank you for being a member of swap-traffic.com.
With Regards Linda Townsend

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