Updated: 01/28/2009 11:22
Hyip Monitor
HYIP News. Latest news HYIPs programs: CupidCash, CrazyClicks, UrOnlineBux.

  • Watch out for the 2 new "cheat links" at CrazyClicks. Members who click these links will be deleted. Also, members who have site messages bounce 3+ times will also be deleted.
  • The admin of CupidCash is looking for 3 ladies (I assume you also need to be members) who will be available from around 3pm - 6pm on Valentines Day to be on the forum. The members who volunteer will be paid! So hurry up and contact her if you are interested!
  • UrOnlineBux has released a statement (juanmen.0fees.net/) stating it is coming back, but has had a database problem and will be using a backup that is 5 weeks old. Also their AlertPay account has been frozen. (Stay away! Many think, including myself, that the site was never actually sold. That this is a ploy by UROnlineBiz to seem innocent when the site closes)

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