Updated: 01/29/2009 13:35
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ClickOrSignUp now has a jackpot From now until January 31st midnight, all PTC ads are half price at CupidCash Also, for every ad you purchase

  • ClickOrSignUp now has a jackpot!
  • From now until January 31st (midnight), all PTC ads are half price at CupidCash. Also, for every ad you purchase, you will receive a raffle ticket! (The message says send her a ticket and she'll take just half the original price out of your balance, so I'm not sure if you can use PayPal for this). Also, the admin is looking to purchase some of the members referrals for something special she has planned in February. So if you have a few referrals that you can spare, contact the admin. The more active, the more cash!
  • As mentioned a few days ago, HoneyBeePoints has been sold again. Today the new owner sent out her introduction. Her name is Kim and says she will be going through and answering all the trouble tickets over the next few days. Also, she stated there are alot of pending approvals dating all the way back to October. She will be going through those as well. (Many may know the drama surrounding this topic that has been going on at GPTBoycott. Many are already disapproving of Kim. However, the more I read and observe, the more I see/think that she has just been taking the fall for others)

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