Updated: 01/30/2009 11:00
Hyip Monitor

There is no such thing as no risk when you any of investment game program. All the programs will expose you to the danger of losing money. The same thing applies if you join an investment game program which called noriskinvestment. In fact, this program has incurred pay out problem since middle of this month.

This program was started In October last year and offers two types of low rate of returns which are 1.8% - 2.7% for 50 days and 2.2% - 3.1% for 50 days. This program also is considered as one of the popular or hot picked among players in the investment game program industry.

Unfortunately, by middle of this month, this scammer has stopped to make pay out to the big amount of withdrawals while has kept paying to the small amount of withdrawals and to the monitors only. And as for now, this scammer has stopped paying to everybody and turned totally to scam.


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