Updated: 01/31/2009 18:10
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Gooooooooood Mornin I have added some new offers to todays category, and have sent a bunch of our top converting offers to todays category as well

Gooooooooood Mornin!! I have added some new offers to todays category, and have sent a bunch of our top converting offers to todays category as well. All of these are in the Sat-31 category.

Color contest ended last night.. and Im getting ready to do in and adjust everyones account if you signed up for it. Here is the email I sent myself..with the results.:

JAN 26-30th
CONFETTI BLUE 1 helmet added to every approved offer
CONFETTI SILVER 1 Jack pot entry for every approved offer
CONFETTI ORANGE .10 cents added to every approved offer

The winner of the account upgrade is lemonjelloyum! WTG lemon, you have received an upgrade to fire fighter, meaning You will have 5x the chance to have your account be the referral of those members who have no referral.

Now.. payments for Decembers cash out... As you all know I make pay pal payments usually by the first of the month. This month it wont be until Monday, Monday evening sometime actually. And here is why.
From one network alone, we have had over 80 bucks worth of reversals come in for December, and I wont know until they send me down the list, who had reversals and why these came in. So, Im holding off on payments until Monday night.

Also.. ALL payments will be made by Monday night, this includes money orders etc.
I hope you all can understand this, as 80 bucks is alot of reversals to get, and I need to make sure there was NO fraudulent activity done before paying out. :) AND Im sure there was NOT, and Im guessing these reversals will be on members we have already deleted for cheating, but, I just dont know for sure yet. :)
And actually thats only one day from when I usually pay. And 5 days ahead of schedule. :)

I have applied for some new offers, and as soon as Im approved for them, hoping today, I will get those all added in todays category and send out an offer alert on the news ticker. :)

Tonight is cash out.. make sure u r verified to cash out, we must have a state issued ID sent to us. email or snail mail. I will verify you to at least cash out, as long as you email me telling me you will get that info to me. But you wont be paid until we see that ID. :)

You are going to see some new categories added starting in the next couple days. One is going to be a NON incent category. These are offers we have been given permission to run but we cannot incentivize them in any way, however, they will be offers you will want to check out. :) I just cant pay you for checking them out. :)
Another category is going to be called a percentage sale... this is where you will get a percentage of the offer. Im still working on it, so not sure when that will be added. :)
Im also hoping to find a bunch more PTC offers as well.

We got to our sons house around 8 last night, stopped for dinner, and well... somehow a 5 and half hour drive only took us 4 hours 45 mins. Now.. I slept for about half the trip, and Steve says we had a heck of a tail wind when asking just HOW fast were U going? yeahhhhhhhhhhhh riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttt.. LOL.

I think thats it for today. If anything else comes up Ill add it to the news or news ticker.
This month is really shaping up, from earlier, and lets take our January with a roar!!

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