Updated: 01/31/2009 18:07
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It was announced that two young people, residents of Ufah, were arrested by the DepartmentK of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

It was announced that two young people, residents of Ufah, were arrested by the Department "K" of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and its analogous in Mordovia and Bashkortostan. Young people worked the whole scheme of terrorist acts of big Russian firms through the Internet. According to previous data, the profit of intruders reached millions of roubles. The same sums were lost by the companies, attacked by hackers.

"The leader of criminal group is 23 years old unemployed hacker without high education. He organized the attack in Internet and his 25 years old friend – bank employee cashed the tapped money" – commented situation Irina Zubareva, CEO of press service of Department "K" of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. She added that the criminals used special scheme that was realized the following way. The hacker sent the virus program to several thousands of computers. After that he sent special signal to servers of certain companies to satisfy the request simultaneously. And the infected computers called professionally "zombie" and system support couldn't withstand it and deadlocked.

It is noted that antivirus systems can rarely recognize the piloting virus of this type. And after the server was attacked, hacker connected with system administrator of the company through the ICQ and offered his services for recovery actions.

The e-mails which were sent by hacker to the company said: "I am a DDOSer. And I commissioned to act against you. I offer you service to secure the server from D-DOS attacks. And if the stable monthly payment will be guaranteed I will provide smooth operation of your server". Factually it was net racket.

It was noted that hackers used special scheme of payment. The companies sent them PIN-codes of Web-money cards. And the second criminal cashed the money without closing any sensitive identity information about him. The criminals extorted from 30 to 60 thousands of roubles.

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