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Hey there everyone, Well here we are, another brand new month is upon us! We had a really good month last month folks and I really appreciate the...

Hey there everyone, Well here we are, another brand new month is upon us! We had a really good month last month folks and I really appreciate the amount of work they did. Going into our 17th month and because of your outstanding efforts, we are still at the top of the industry!

As I am sure you remember, I sent around an email about 2 weeks ago letting you know that I am selling the site. The day for that to happen is fast approaching so I wanted to touch base with everyone, let you know where we are at with that.

First, the auction that the site is being sold through will be ending right around the time that payouts are scheduled to go out so look for those to be pretty much on time this month. Also, if you cashed out last month you will also be paid out of the sale proceeds so you will be receiving your payment a whole month early!

I have a suggestion to anyone that would like to earn some extra money that will be payable a lot earlier than our normal Net35 payment schedule. If you would like to do some work this week and you have already made a cashout, all you would need to do is delete your current cashout and then request another one with the extra money that you earned this week added in, you will be paid for all of it when the site sells this month. So even if you only have time to do a couple dollars worth of work this week, you will still be able to cash it out early, with the rest of your earned money.

I have decided not to post any contests at this time, I don’t want to start them and not be able to finish them before the site sells. I am not sure how the new admin will be conducting things, so it’s best to keep things as they are for now. That doesn’t include our normal permanent promotions, you will still earn those for whatever work you do this week.

I will be touching base with everyone as things progress, I have always believed in open communication and will keep that policy going for as long as I am here. I will also still be adding offers as they come in, nothing is going to change as long as I am admin!

That’s it for tonight everyone, have a great evening

Kind Regards,
The Dragon’s Gold

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