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Don’t let the economic crisis cause a relationship crisis in your home : PayPal’s 2009 “Can’t Buy Me Love” survey found...

  • Don’t let the economic crisis cause a relationship crisis in your home: PayPal’s 2009 “Can’t Buy Me Love” survey found that a third of couples worldwide, and almost half of those in the US, are arguing more about money because of the current economic situation. In times of financial stress, go back to the basics: plan together, establish a budget and stick to it, and agree to buy only what you really need.
  • Make a plan for getting out of debt… together: If the current recession has taught us anything, it’s that “debt” is a dirtier word than anyone had imagined, and yet over half of American couples enter relationships with debt. Now more than ever it’s time to get serious about money management and debt elimination.
  • Prepare for a pink slip, even if you’re sure you’ll never get one: The “breadwinner” in one out of ten families surveyed by PayPal has changed in the last six months, due to unemployment or salary decrease. Even if you’re in a relationship where both jobs feel completely secure, it’s never a bad idea to plan for the unthinkable. By cutting back, taking a second job, or even making money from an entrepreneurial enterprise – something as simple as selling on eBay – you can make a big impact on your overall financial solvency.
  • Secret spending isn’t sexy: More than one in ten “Can’t Buy Me Love” survey respondents admit to hiding purchases from their partners. Why all the secrets? Even if you don’t always agree on each other’s spending habits, you can at least agree that any purchase over a certain amount ($200, for example) will be discussed in advance.
  • Don’t stop giving gifts to each other, no matter how tight your budgets get: When times are stressful and budgets are tight, it’s all the more important to be open and expressive in your relationship. The best advice is to invest in meaningful gifts that don’t cost a dime; they’re usually the ones with the most meaning.

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