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I hope you’ve been enjoying your stay with us so far! Are you still dreaming of making the very best site ever? We certainly are! I...

I hope you’ve been enjoying your stay with us so far! Are you still dreaming of making the very best site ever? We certainly are! I checked my favorite forums today and people are absolutely raving about our great new program! Some folks even asked if we were serious about canceling members who don’t upgrade after 7 days. I would have to say: yes we do! Our program hinges on generating cash from ad sales all over the net. Quite a few members are actively selling ads and are earning extra by doing so. Others are simply promoting our site for which we are grateful but we need the funding too.

We’re growing fast and I realize that things work a little different here. You may have noticed that our stats show deposits, withdrawals, and offline investments as well as returns. The numbers prove that we have funds invested in the future of this site at all times. The numbers also state that our withdrawals are less than our ad sales, which means that we’ve been able to pay our members from sales instead of upgrades. This is precisely the difference between a basic surf and an advanced surf. We’ve thought about every aspect to make this program a complete success!

Here are a few tips to earn extra cash:
a) Try to sell ads on our site by contacting Admins from other sites or anyone else you know who needs advertisement. We pay 20% referral commission on every advertiser you bring in.
b) Upgraded members: invite your friends, family, or colleagues to our program and make 5% on every new member you refer.
c) Post your personalized referral link in forums and blogs on other sites and promote our site. You’ll earn extra with every new referral.

Are you still wondering what the next big thing will be? I bet is the first thing in your mind! I know we can easily achieve this together, I even saw it in my dreams. Our team has the passion and desire to make this dream come true!

To be continued...

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