Updated: 02/08/2009 22:00
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Business Alertpay account been restricted until it is verified by sending photo ID. Payouts via Alertpay are on hold.

Hi everyone, I apologise for interrupting with another admin message but I need to let you know that my spending has been restricted on my business Alertpay account until it is verified by sending photo ID. I trust this will be a very speedy process on behalf of Alertpay. In the meantime, payouts via Alertpay are on hold. Again, I hope it won't be long but I just wanted to let you know why your request might take a couple of weeks.

The other thing about Alertpay I need to let you know is that the minimum spend is $1.00 so for upgraded members unfortunately this means your "no minimum" cashout will need to be a minimum of $1 if you request via Alertpay - this is purely because of Alertpays rules.

Onto Paypal - I have made some of the lower value ads such as 15c worth etc only available for redemption as Paypal is sucking up 15c fee on a 15c purchase. I haven't had any fees on Paypal purchases but it is becoming a bit pointless to have someone make a 15c purchase and me be charged a 15c fee. I have a free account so I will look into having that available for small purchases fee free. I do need to comply with Paypal policies though by conducting business transactions through a proper business/premier account. Anyway, it's not a huge deal for members as 15c you can easily redeem for and I don't want to start charging huge fees just so we can all give them a 100% profit - seems ridiculous to me. I'll keep you informed.

Any questions, please post in the forum as other members might like to read your Question and my Answer.

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