Updated: 02/11/2009 10:39
Hyip Monitor

Do not join this scam investment game program if you do not want the money that you deposit into this program turns to zero. This program was started on December 3rd last year and offers two types of plans which are 28.80 % - 32.60% daily for 4 days and 117.60% - 134.50% after 4 days.

This scammer also claimed that this program is a private investment company called LeXero Inc and based in the BVL. According to the members, in middle of last month the website went down and a few days later, the website went up again. Ever since then, the pay out problem started to incur when the instant payment was no longer functional.

However, some of the members who have had requested withdrawal amounts of less than $5 did get the payment. Therefore, this scam program is paying selectively to small amount of withdrawal only.

On the website there is no stat at all and the members also added that the admin has deleted the rating page from the website.


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