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I think that none here is going to make real money from HYIP. 99% of HYIPs turn out to be scams. Can anyone tell me about a HYIP thats still paying...

I think that none here is going to make real money from HYIP. 99% of HYIPs turn out to be scams. Can anyone tell me about a HYIP thats still paying since 1 years? Most HYIPs last from few weeks to feww momths so its very hard to recover the initial investment.

I will not invest in HYIP again!

Now, im thinking about other serious investing options thats less risky than HYIP. I would like to share my thoughts with other people here in TG.

I think the forex market offers good opportunities to make profit. We have many investors here in TG and we have also some forex traders who have some experience in trading.

I have the following ideas:

- Managed accounts:
We can make a big pool of funds to create a managed acount. We can elect a team of traders to manage this account. They can trade but they cant withdraw any funds from the account. We should let a group of traders manage it istead of depending on one trader only.

- Forex signals:
We can make a team of traders to watch for forex signals from different sources. We have traders from different countries and they can watch for signals 24 hours/day. I always had a problem with forex signals that i cant stay online 24 hours/day to catch all signals. The signals should be received from different signal providers and we shouldnt depend on one source only.

I would like to know what do you think about these ideas. If anyone has any investing idea other than HYIP, please, post here.

Why not? (IMHO)

1. You probably wont be able to pool as much funds as you want as fast as you want.
2. You probably wont find a good trader (you only need a good trader to make money, not a whole damn team) to trade with less then $100 000 - $500 000.
3. If you find a trader that will trade a small - medium account, he wont make the returns you were hoping, that is if he doesnt lose it all.
4. Dont even think about forex signals too much, 95% are scams as well. But there are a few good ones I reckon
5. You will have a lot of problems with payments and money transfers if you plan to make payments right from the start (the 2nd, 3rd or 4th week) or if you plan to make payments on a weekly basis.

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