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Cause some of you seem to be lacking in the heart area, lol, and I want everyone to shop at the store this month I am giving you a one time chance to...

Cause some of you seem to be lacking in the heart area, lol, and I want everyone to shop at the store this month I am giving you a one time chance to knock those hearts out. There were some good purchases made yesterday during our President's day sale, and I want to see everyone getting something they want! This is also something I am thinking about doing every few months for that extra incentive for you guys, and of course that depends on how well it does this month. Soooooooo, to get to the point :), from noon today until noon tomorrow, every trial that approves that has hearts under it gets TRIPLE the number of hearts. There are some very hot trials right now, boca java, successful mom, bomc2, creative girls club, disney movie club and freebay just off the top of my head. For those of you that DON'T do trials, I will triple the number of hearts under each freebie, as long as you complete a minimum of 4 offers, any amount. There are hearts under 124 offers, and I am adding more every day, so an offer that may not have had one last week, might have one now. Keep checking those trials that you are really interested in ;)

Also, I am soon to be adding a search feature to the site, where you can search for a specific offer, but in the meantime, just ping and ask, I pretty much know every offer on the site and can answer your questions.

We did take down a big affiliate yesterday, but I am quickly adding offers from a better affiliate with better crediting, so this is just a temporary loss.

One more thing before I get to trivia. Over games day, there was a thread started about a live game to be held alternate weekends in chat. However, it kinda got stuck :) Family Feud at this point, is not an option, so I am looking for other game alternatives that you guys would enjoy playing live. The dating game seemed to be fun, and those that played did win money, so that is an option. Match game sounded like a good idea (see the Which game thread in the games forum for play instructions), live wheel of fortune can be done using the hat, where you can win cash or prizes for every spin, as well as have the bonus round. Everyone who sends me an idea or reinforces one of these, will get .50, but I need a reason why you chose the game you did, I need some thought in this. It will take the place of bingo every other Sunday, so our budget would be around 20.00 per week, and of course, the time could be changed, I think 630 CST was thought to be a good time for a lot of you.

So, think about what you would like to see, as I'd like to give something a trial run in a couple of weeks anyway and see how it goes :)

Oops, one MORE thing before I get to trivia (sorry).....the poll/signup list for the March teams races are in the forum, be sure and sign up as it DEFINITELY looks like we'll be doing another one, and they are really, really fun when everyone participates. This one will run almost the entire month again, which is really where you get to know your teammates and encourage each other, so I look forward to seeing that in our forum again! In addition, the prizes will depend on how many players....and I'm open to suggestions in that area as well :) That will be the main promo for March, as MMI is having their grand opening month, and Cupid is in full support of that site. Therefore, we have a bit of money to play with :)

NOW, on to today's trivia, and your stats will be up shortly!

An easy one for you, but you still must have had an offer credit:

What is the official flower of Valentines Day?

As an extra here, anyone that names the type of stuffed animal my son Jonathan wanted and got for Valentines day, will get an additional THREE points.

Good luck guys, and have fun today...I'm off to find you some great stuff to do!

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