Updated: 02/18/2009 20:01
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Some measures are taken by admin of FX Interest HYIP to keep their stable work, all withdrawal requests of principal on hold till May 1

Very interesting measures are taken by the admin of FX-Interest HYIP to keep their "stable" work. They will put all withdrawal requests of principal on hold till the 1st of May 2009.

Here I would like to quote admin's email:

"To all FX- INTEREST Members

We are currently facing a peculiar situation that did not arise out of a crisis. In fact there is NO crisis at all. But it eludes us WHY a sizeable number of Investors have been suddenly influenced by a surge of irresponsible, uninformed motivated ratings and status remarks being handed out by a few public forums. We are swamped by a stream of requests for withdrawal of Principals. Just at a time when we were trying to grapple with the effects of a purely temporary but unprecedented issue with one of our major FSA-approved brokers, a few members have chosen to land us in some kind of inconvenience by putting us under a pressure of tackling withdrawals of a huge volume of principals in addition to interests. We have therefore, in the larger interest of the majority of our members who have reposed so much trust in us, and with the paramount objective of keeping our ship stable, taken a decision that sounds unpleasant, but is aimed at securing the good of all.

The decision is very simple. We are putting a hold on all requests for PAYOUT of Principal amounts till the 1st of May 2009 or until we catch up with the last pending interest withdrawal, WHICHEVER IS EARLIER. No request for withdrawal of principal shall also be recorded till April 15."

Please note also that there is a new condition for withdrawal requests in this HYIP. Now the minimal amount for profits request is $10.

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