Updated: 02/20/2009 01:19
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HYIP News. Latest news of VALEPTR February 20, 2009 Official statement VALEPTR. SpeedEarner and more other sites complaints are there below

Dear members, Although the porn site "" problem is discussed now in some forums and with some managers of banner serving companies too, it seems not be solved yet.

I got complaints about ladyofthelinks, fusionmails, mangobiz, aquamails and donkeymails. Sometimes it sounds strange as, for example, admin of fusionmails helped _others_ to get rid of it. It's hard to find out, if a banner at the site itself or from the site within the PTP rotator is causing it.

As work is going on to find out the origin of this nasty porns, I will not pause all these sites at moment.
Closing the Vale would be easier... lol

I got more than one complaint about SpeedEarner. I have written to them via their helpdesk and I now have paused the five ads for Speedearner, currently running at Vale.
If you have a timed ad for this site, please send in replacement ad, the others may do so too of course, or perhaps you will wait some days, if problem can be solved and I will restart these ads.

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